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Dampness Inspection: Our stand-alone service for deeper insights & solutions

We at Paramount use advanced tools to detect hidden Water, Air, Roof and dampness and latent dampness in your apartment or villa. Water, Air, Roof and Dampness inspection, is part of the standard Home Inspection or may be a stand-alone service in itself for deeper insights and solution.

There could be many reasons for dampness to occur in a building. We as professional service providers use various methods and technologies to detect and prevent water or air leakage, roof damage and dampness.

Paramount has not only helped home owners during Home Inspection but also helped businesses and building owners find the source of leakage and arrest the seepage at its root.

Having been in the field of Construction and Inspection for over 18 years, we have the experience and exposure to address Dampness, Roof Damage, Water and Air Leakage.

We inspect homes with our standard checklist which covers various services and quality issues on different categories like Structural Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, Roofing system, Plumbing system, Electrical system, Heating and Air Conditioning systems, Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, Fireplaces and Solid-fuel burning appliances.



We provide stand-alone services for deeper insights and solution.



We  use various methods and technologies to detect and prevent dampness



We use advanced tools to detect hidden dampness in your apartment or villa

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You can actually see the construction and interior designing come to life with their new modern styles. When they say something will be done in this time frame, he always delivers. Absolute professionals.
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
I have found them to be very knowledgeable, professional, extremely organized, and they do business with the utmost integrity. Very professional and best-in-quality. I would highly recommend them.
Pablo Gusterio
Client of Company
During the course of our project, Paramount maintained the highest standards of quality, value, professionalism, safety, and cleanliness. Our project was completed on schedule and under budget
Kristina Lee
Client of Company