What Can We Offer

Quality Checking

We verify the product quality with advanced technological inspection instruments without skipping any steps and generate the report.

Carpet Area Calculation

It is the net usable floor area of the apartment. Our professional team takes accurate dimension readings for each room.

Dampness checking

Dampness can occur for many reasons in a building. We use various techniques to detect and prevent any leakage or damage.

Structural Rehabilitation

Structural rehabilitation is a process of reconstruction and renewal of a facility or its structural elements. Buildings need regular inspection.

Plumbing & Sanitary

We use sophisticated diagnostic plumbing technology to protect he building from expensive future plumbing and sanitary failures.

Safety Concerns

We ensure our work adheres to the highest standards and are built with leading industry knowledge and are trusted globally.


We maintain quality at work

Experience & Skills

Well-experienced & innovative skills

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is our priority

[ Home Inspection pricing plans ]

Choose Suitable Inspection Plan fot You

Basic Plan


upto 500 sft

  • Investigation of water leakage
  • Electrical concerns
  • Structural concerns

  • Guidelines for rectifications provided

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Comprehensive Plan


upto 1200 sft

  • Investigation of water leakage
  • Safety concerns
  • Sanitary fixtures
  • Electrical concerns
  • Structural concerns

  • Detailed reporting & guidelines for rectifications will be provided

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